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Geothermal Lithium Project

  • ENEL has operated geothermal power plants nearby in Tuscany since 1904

  •  Well understood “Caldera” geological setting with underlying deep reservoir

  •  Geologically de-risked due to ENEL’s extensive 1970s exploration

  • Invested value: geophysics, 16x deep wells data and pilot plant trials

  • Geothermal fluid reservoir defined by drilling: 150-200°C at 1500m depth

  • Reservoir assessment in 2023 by STEAM (ex. ENEL project engineers)

  • 2361 ha ELs granted & 8725 ha ELs under application (enviro. granted)

  • Dominant land position containing historical wells (adjacent to Vulcan)

  • Simple brine chemistry: Li precipitation demonstrated by BRGM* in 1990

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